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Are you looking for a reliable dentist in Rangely, CO? Look no further than Grant Family Dentistry, your trusted provider for top-notch Rangely dental care.

Located in Meeker, CO, our vast service portfolio, competent staff, and customer-focused approach have won the hearts of Meeker’s locals along with those in Rangely. Drawing from our wealth of experience, we offer a wide range of dental services tailored to your needs.

Our Services

Cosmetic Dentistry

At Grant Family Dentistry, our cosmetic services are designed to boost your self-esteem and confidence by enhancing your smile. We understand the transformative power of a beautiful smile and employ the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques to give you the smile you’ve always dreamt of. Our highly skilled team is committed to delivering high-quality cosmetic dental care that achieves stunning outcomes.

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General Dentistry

The general dentistry services at Grant Family Dentistry cover many processes. Our team, filled with knowledgeable and compassionate professionals, significantly emphasizes preventive dentistry. We strive to offer services that uphold good oral health, obstruct the commencement of dental diseases, and proficiently manage current conditions.

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At Grant Family Dentistry, we proudly offer Invisalign, a discreet treatment to straighten your teeth without the discomfort and appearance of traditional braces. Each Invisalign clear aligner is custom-made to fit your mouth comfortably and gently reposition your teeth over time. Alongside our orthodontic experience and state-of-the-art equipment, we focus on your unique needs, ensuring a pleasant and effective treatment journey towards a flawless smile.

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Other Services

At Grant Family Dentistry in Rangely, we aim to provide comprehensive oral care beyond traditional dental treatments. In addition to offering cosmetic and general dentistry and Invisalign, we present various other services designed to cater to your needs.

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Why Choose Grant Family Dentistry?

Exceptional Customer Service Team

Our customer service team sets the bar incredibly high with efficient and friendly interactions. They help you schedule appointments, guide you through our services, and answer any queries. Our team is your go-to for information before, during, and after your visit, ensuring a seamless and pleasant dental experience.

Comprehensive Treatments

From orthodontics to tooth extraction, we provide many services to maintain and improve oral hygiene. This allows us to address multiple oral health concerns in one convenient location. Our proactive approach, including regular oral health checks, helps in the early detection and prevention of dental diseases.

Personalized Care for Real Patients

We treat our patients not as numbers but as real individuals with unique needs. We thoroughly examine your entire mouth, understand your medical history, and tailor a treatment plan. This personalized attention has made us the perfect dentist in Rangely, CO.

Stellar Compliance Procedures

Our team ensures adherence to stringent compliance procedures. This includes maintaining sterile environments using regulated medical devices and more. Maintaining ongoing compliance ensures our patients are in reliable and safe hands.

Insurance Check

Our team can help you comprehend the particulars of your dental insurance coverage. We ensure a comprehensive review of your insurance before every appointment, helping to prevent unexpected costs and making each of your visits more efficient.

Special Services

We understand how dental visits can be daunting for patients with various disabilities. Hence, we provide special assistance and ensure our facilities are accessible. Our team works diligently to accommodate special needs and ensures our communication channels are efficient and accessible.

Proactive Approach

Our comprehensive range of dental services includes screening for sleep apnea and providing helpful advice on improving oral hygiene habits. Our multidimensional approach helps cater to preventative and reactive treatments, ensuring optimal oral health.

Membership Plan

Are you tired of the waiting periods and denied claims that come with working with your dental insurance? Explore our membership plan that covers preventative care and provides discounts on other procedures! Say goodbye to the insurance middleman when you visit this dentist in Rangely, CO.

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At Grant Family Dentistry, we believe in creating a comforting environment while offering expert dental services. Our commitment to patient satisfaction isn’t an afterthought – it’s ingrained in our culture. We channel years of experience and state-of-the-art treatments to meet and exceed your dental expectations.

Your smile is our badge of honor. So why wait? Light up your world with a radiant smile. Schedule an appointment with us today. Experience the unparalleled dental services that have made us the preferred choice in Rangely, CO. We look forward to serving you soon at Grant Family Dentistry.