Preventative Care

Professional Dental Cleanings & Examinations in Meeker, CO

“Prevention is the best medicine.”  We say it for a reason. Preventative dental care saves time, money, and stress. Our practice centers around keeping you and your family healthy, and that includes providing top-quality preventative care designed to stop oral health diseases before they happen.

What is Preventative Dentistry?

Everyone practices preventative dentistry every time they brush and floss their teeth. We practice preventative dentistry at our office when we perform services like:

  • Cleanings
  • X-rays
  • Examinations
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Sealants

All of these services, combined with brushing and flossing at home, focus on keeping teeth and gums disease free, which is the goal of preventative dentistry.

Preventative Dentistry Services

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Brushing and flossing every day is essential, but plaque will still settle into the areas the toothbrush and floss can’t reach. Professional cleanings at our office target plaque buildup along the gumline and between teeth to keep everything looking and feeling healthy.

Digital X-rays

Technology that shows what’s going on under the surface of your teeth and gums gives your doctor a more comprehensive picture of your entire mouth and allows them to monitor your oral health more closely from visit to visit.

Hygiene Examinations

Your doctor has special tools and technology that allow them to look closely at your teeth and gums to check that everything is strong and healthy and identify irregularities that could potentially turn into problems.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is proven to strengthen and protect tooth enamel. We can apply a special fluoride gel directly to your teeth after a cleaning for added protection between visits.


Children especially tend to get cavities in their back teeth because the chewing surfaces have deep grooves where food particles collect. Sealants level out the uneven surfaces on the back teeth to fend off tooth decay and make keeping them clean easier.

Preventative Dentistry Will Save Your Smile

Visit your dentist every 6 months for a cleaning, examination, and fluoride treatment to keep tooth decay and gum disease from ruining your beautiful smile. For more information about any of the preventative services we provide and to schedule an appointment, contact our office.