Tooth-Colored Fillings in Meeker, CO

Tooth Decay is the most common untreated disease in the world, affecting adults and children of all ages. We treat tooth decay with natural-looking, tooth-colored fillings to restore structure, strength, and integrity and prevent it from becoming a bigger problem.

What is a Filling?

When decay starts to compromise a tooth, the only way to stop it from spreading and creating a larger issue is to take it away and fill in the space left to restore the tooth’s strength and function. This process is called a filling. It is the most common restorative dental treatment we perform at our practice.

A filling is a simple procedure that we can do in a single appointment. We numb the area, and the dentist uses special tools to scrape away the unhealthy tooth enamel. Once the tooth is completely cleaned out, and only healthy tooth enamel remains, the dentist uses a strong, dental-grade material — usually composite resin — to fill in the space where the decay was taken away. After the material is cured and hardened, the dentist then shapes it and polishes away any roughness. The result is a strong, healthy tooth that looks and feels like new.

Why Get a Filling

The fact is that tooth decay will not heal on its own. It requires professional intervention, or else it will continue to spread and further threaten your oral health. Tooth decay can easily advance deep into the tooth root if you don’t get it treated, causing a host of other more serious problems.

Getting a filling at the first sign of decay is the best way to stop tooth decay from spreading and causing additional damage that may involve your gums and other teeth.

Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

An individual filling is minimally invasive and quick, usually requiring a single appointment to complete.

Recovery takes very little time. Most patients are ready to go back to their daily routine as soon as the numbing wears off.

No one will notice that you’ve gotten a filling because the composite material we use is mixed to match your natural tooth enamel perfectly.

A filling relieves any pain, discomfort, or sensitivity caused by tooth decay and restores your ability to eat and drink normally again.

Don’t let untreated tooth decay ruin your smile!

Talk to your doctor about your options. If you suspect one or more of your teeth have decay, contact our office to schedule an appointment for an examination right away.